Of all the people i know, roughly 45% of them claim to acknowledge themselves as spiritual rather than religious. Personally I don’t see a major differentiation betwixt the two. Religion is a very touchy subject and many people shy away from the topic because of that same very reason. At times of discussion religion is one topic that instantly creates heated debates…for those who haven’t already exited the room at the mere mention of R-E-L-I-G-I-O-N (gasp)lol. I think the topic scares people, but on a broader perspective, it is not just a topic, but a way of life. There are countless religions and since people don’t wear a sign that reads, “Buddhist” or Rastafarian, it is important to remain socially conscious and aim not to offend anyone. The issue people have is that we (self-included) sometimes are close-minded and do not understand the importance or appreciate the fact that we are all different. Different nationalities, different races, different sexes, different complexion, different hair & eye color, and lastly different religions. As an future educator, being religiously bias is imperative, not only by law but by ethics!

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